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Raven in bondage Raven nude on crossbar Raven spanked Raven spanked
TNAV #85 - Raven - Bondage Slave

The amazingly sexy Raven Alexis gets a call from the Bondage Society... and has to go to a warehouse... where she is to to strip and play with herself. Then she is made to get down on her hands and knees where her awesome tits get manhandled and she gets roughly spanked. She's told to kneel up and play with herself again while her tits are groped and pinched. Again on her hands and knees she's made to finger herself, while she gets whipped. Then she has to to beg for her sweet pussy to be played with. She is then told to put on cuffs and chain herself to the ceiling where she gets tape gagged... and nipple clamp bells are fastened on her tender nipples... while she squeals in pain. Then she gets a clothespin on her pussy lips, and a weight is added to add to her suffering.

Still tape-gagged she is put on a painful crotch bar where her beautiful tits are relentlessly groped and her now very sensitive nipples are pinched and squeezed. And her sweet pussy gets played with, while she cringes from the humiliation. And all the while she is whimpering in pain. Eventually she gets nipple clamps again... and left to suffer.

60 minutes - $25

Screenshots from TNAV #85 - Raven - Bondage Slave