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TNAV #38 - Ginger Lea - Severe Training

Sexy Ginger Lea, a bondage virgin with a hot body, was sent to us for some attitude adjustment. And what an attitude she had. But the haughty bitch gets tied in multiple painful positions, clamped, whipped and abused. She walks up to the back door, naked under a fur coat, with her hands handcuffed behind her back. She's chained in a filthy stairway while her trainer torments her. Then she gets led down to the filthy basement where she's tied up. She gets told about the rats and bats down there with her... and she's left to think about her past transgressions. And imagine her horror... it's not long before a nasty bat actually flies by her. (and yes, it's there on the DVD)

She's again brought upstairs and tied in a doorway, while her trainer again torments her. Then she's tied outstretched in the stairway, and the dreaded nipple clamps are fastened to her lovely breasts. She's brought down the stairs and bent over her lovely ass is whipped... while she's made to count the strokes. Her humiliation intensifies when she says she needs to pee... she's told to go standing up over the toilet while our sick tormentor videotapes it. After she cleans up she's told to play with herself, and then lick her fingers. And believe that our haughty little bitch hates all of this. She's then tied up outstretched in a different room, gagged, and the clamps are put on her pussy lips... while she struggles futily in pain.

8 great scenes with this lovely girl.

Sexy Ginger Lea is pretty much totally nude throughout this whole DVD.
70 minutes - much nudity - $25

Screen shots from TNAV #38: Ginger Lea - Severe Training