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The Perils of Justine

In an ongoing series of erotic DVDs, lovely blonde model Justine gets abused, beaten, tormented and humiliated. After being stranded in the desert by her boyfriend totally nude, she is time and time again picked up by a new stranger... who does whatever nasty and violent things he can think of to her, and then leaves her in the same dire straits as when he found her.

Justine #33 - Whipped Naked
Poor Justine has been left tied up in the bathroom of a half empty apartment only to be found by her next tormentor. He makes her pose in some very revealing and humiliating positions, then he proceeds to whip her lovely ass. Still totally nude, she's painfully hogtied on top of a table. Then she's tied over the table with her long legs, ass, and pussy totally exposed. Next... what else, she gets a merciless whipping on that lovely ass. Then to continue her torment she's turned around and bent backward over the table with her pussy sticking out. Nipple clamps and a tit whipping follow until she can't take it any more. But the worst is yet to come.

Poor Justine gets painfully tied over a short step ladder with that beautiful ass sticking out yearning for a whipping. And don't worry she gets one! But first she has to endure the painful nipple clamps... with weights hanging off of them. Then the long severe whipping of her sensitive ass starts that has her begging for mercy. Over and over her lovely ass gets whipped as the tears start to flow. After a long painful whipping, she finally begs to fucked to bring the painful abuse to an end. And the sick bastard makes her beg for him to fuck her over and over. Lovely Justine then gets tied spread-eagle to a bed totally exposed... giving us a great view of that lovely slender supermodel body. Again the nipple clamps add to her torment.... until finally she's left there for the pervert to come along and abuse her.

Over 100 hard strokes with the flogger on Justine's pretty white ass in this DVD!

Beautiful Justine is totally nude throughout this whole DVD.

60 minutes - much nudity - $25

Screen shots from Justine #33 - Whipped Naked

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