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TNAV #10 - Suzi in the Woods
An internet CLASSIC

Suzi in the Woods: The Story

My name is Suzi. I was barely 18 years when it happened. I was out for a walk in the woods one day and he snuck up behind me and attacked me. He put his hand over my mouth and dragged me off into the dense trees. He told me if I tried to get away or scream he would hurt me. I was so afraid. I was trembling.

He made me take off my blouse and he took off my bra, totally exposing my breasts. Then he tied my hands behind my back and dragged me deeper in the woods. He found a big tree and tied my hands to it up over my head. I was so scared. He took off my shorts and panties, leaving me totally nude tied to the tree. He was videotaping the whole thing. Bound in the woods nude...

He untied me and pushed me deeper into the woods while I was still nude. He tied my hands up over my head to a branch of another big tree. He left me struggling there while he videotaped me. I couldn't get loose no matter what. He tied one of my ankles with a rope and then wrapped the rope around the back of the tree trunk and tied it to my other ankle pulling my legs wide apart. My arms hurt terrible from being tied up so long. Then he put a blindfold on me so I couldn't see. He touched me wherever he wanted. I was so scared. It hurt. I could hardly stand up with my feet pulled around the tree like that. I begged him to let me go.

Finally, after a while, he untied me and dragged me to another spot in the woods. He tied me between two trees with my arms stretched out all the way. He left the video camera running and walked away. I almost got away, I got one of my arms free, but he came back and tied me even tighter to the trees. He blindfolded me again. I didn't know what was going to happen next. Then he tied my legs to the trees, spread out as far as they would go. I was totally stretched out... nude. I could hardly move. It hurt so much. His hands were all over my body. I wanted him to stop. After watching me suffer for what seemed like forever, he untied me and told me to get dressed.

It looked like it was going to rain, I was hoping he would let me go. But he tied me to another tree and started to strip me. It started raining and he left me there tied to the tree, totally nude, in the rain. It was pouring. I was getting completely soaked. After watching me suffer, he took me down from the tree and tied my hands behind my back with rope. He made me walk totally nude through the woods in the pouring rain, with my hands tied behind me like that. Then he made me kneel in the mud. It was horrible. I had to do whatever he said or he said he would hurt me more.

It stopped raining and he tied my hands up over head to another tree. I was still completely nude. I didn't even know where my clothes were. He was rubbing his hands all over my body. I was so humiliated. He took me down from the tree and tied my hands behind my back again. Then he blindfolded me and put a collar around my neck. It was so humiliating. He tied a rope to the collar and started pulling me through the woods, still nude. I felt like a dog, being pulled by the rope through the woods.

I thought he would let me go then, I was so sore and tired. I had no strength left. But he brought me to his car with me still nude and my hands tied behind my back and made me get in the trunk. I was crying as he closed the trunk. I was shivering cold, it was dark. Where was he taking me...

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