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Adriann Tied


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Sexy Samantha
Samantha spanked Samantha abused Samantha whipped
Luscious Samantha is deperate for money and to get it she has to be taught a lesson. First she is bent over and groped and spanked. Then she is tied to a railing outside and her beautiful natural tits are fondled, pinched, and thoroughly whipped. Then while still tied, her ass is whipped. She gets tied over a chair and nipple clamped are fastened, and she is again whipped on her ass. As it gets dark outside she is tied to a pole and she is man-handled and groped some more... and many painful clothespins are clamped on her tits... and then whipped off.
Samantha tied up Samantha whipped Samantha whipped

Sexy Heidi
Heidi spanked Heidi abused Heidi whipped
Beautiful slender blonde Heidi is tied down to a table with her legs spread apart. She gets warm baby oil rubbed on her body and gets repeatedly pleasured with fingers and a dildo. Her sweet tight pussy is penetrated again and again. Then lovely Heidi is told to shower... and she sensually massages her pussy with the warm water from the hand-held shower head. Then she fingers herself to orgasm. Then she's told to suck off her tormentor. See lovely Heidi's small mouth wrapped around his huge cock.
Heidi tied up Heidi whipped Heidi whipped

Sexy Zoey
Zoey spanked Zoey abused Zoey whipped
Pretty, slender Zoey gets caught smoking and is severely punished. She is spanked on her slender little ass... and is told to strip, then she has to crawl into her bedroom, totally naked, and made to bend over her bed, where she is spanked again. She's told to crawl up on the bed and get on her hands and knees, with her ass up in the air and pussy lewdly exposed... and she is thoroughly whipped. She's made to play with herself, then tied to the bedposts. She gets whipped, then nipple clamps are fastened to her tits and pussy, and she is whipped again. She's again tied to the bed with her ass sticking out, and her ass is whipped again. Clamps are fastened to her pussy lips... and her now red ass is whipped yet again.
Zoey tied up Zoey whipped Zoey whipped

Sexy girl Star
Star groped Star abused Star whipped
To be punished, Star is made to strip, and crawl up on the couch where she gets a spanking. She's made to fetch a riding crop on her hands and knees, then she gets a beating with it, and then her tits are whipped. Next she's hogtied on a table, and groped and tormented. Then the poor girl is tied bent over with her cute ass exposed... and she gets a sound and thorough whipping. Star is then brought to a bondage dungeon and chained up next to another beautiful girl. Her nipples are abused with multiple clothespins and then the clothespins are whipped off. Then the two girls each have a nipple clamped attached and they are chained together... and they are made to kiss each other.
Star tied up Star whipped Star whipped

Lovely Jennifer
Jennifer groped Jennifer abused Jennifer whipped
Sweet Jennifer is thoroughly groped, abused, and whipped in this rough movie. She is tied up on a bed and gagged... and her perky puffy nipples are roughly pinched. Clothespins are fastened to her little tits to make her suffer. The poor little girl gets tied spreadeagled on the bed and her pussy is penetrated, and clamped with many tight clothespins. Still gagged, poor Jennifer is whipped over and over and over again on her tits and pussy ... with both a whip and a painful length of rope.
Jennifer tied up Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped
Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped

Lovely Sara
Sara groped Sara in bondage Sara whipped
Beautiful Sara is sunning herself by the pool when 2 girls and a guy show up looking for their pot, which they think she stole. She gets tied town and alternatively spanked and tickled to try and get her to tell where the pot is. She is relentlessly spanked until her sweet firm ass glows red. She gets tied against the house in tight bondage and the girls spread peanut butter, fruits, and chocolate all over her body while struggles futily. Then the poor girl is hosed off with the cold water from a garden hose. As the sun goes down she is tied to a pole outside and tormented and whipped. She is left out side until dark when she is again whipped on her tits and ass.
Sara Sara whipped Sara whipped

Lovely Danielle
Danielle groped Danielle clothespinned Danielle whipped
Danielle has taken her step-dad's car for a ride. When he finds out that she did it, she gets the punishment of her lifetime. She is made to strip, and gagged and tied to a bunk bed. Then she gets whipped with a flogger and a riding crop on her awesome tits and soft tender ass, while she struggles futily.
Danielle whipped Danielle riding crop Danielle whipped

Lovely Rachael
Rachael groped Rachael clothespinned Rachael whipped
Shapely Rachael is told to gag herself and handcuff herself to the ceiling. We come in and man-handle her breasts and whip her beautiful full tits, and ass and pussy. She gets tight clothespins clamped to her pussy lips while she squirms in pain. Then heavy weights are added intensifying her pain... and she is whipped even more.
Rachael whipped Rachael crying Rachael whipped

Lovely Adriann
Adriann groped Adriann clothespinned Adriann whipped
Adriann is on a photo shoot and she starts getting bitchy. The photographer subjects her to some very rough and humiliating treatment. On her hands and knees she is whipped with a belt... and her pussy and ass are roughly penetrated with a shoe heel, flashlight, and a soda bottle. She is told to lie on her back with her legs wide open on the dirty floor... and play with herself... then fuck herself with a screwdriver handle. Then her pussy is whipped. Her ass gets another whipping while she begs to be let go. Next she's tied over a stool, spanked, and her very red ass is penetrated with a dildo and screwdriver. Then with the screwdriver still stuck in her ass, she gets roughly whipped... over and over and over.
Adriann whipped Adriann Adriann whipped
Adriann whipped Adriann crying Adriann whipped Adriann whipped

Lovely Marcia
Marcia groped Marcia clothespinned Marcia whipped
Lovely Marcia is looking for donations to help her animal cruelty cause. She's bent over a couch and gets her tight ass spanked hard. Her nipples are pinched and a collar is put around her neck... and she's led around on a leash like a dog and made to drink out of a dog bowl. She's brought to a room and her ass is whipped again. Poor Marcia is horrified when she has to put an animal skin around her neck. She's taught some obedience and has to sit up and beg, bark like a dog, then roll over. Painful nipple clamps are fastened on her perky tits and a heavy weight is attached. The clamps on pinched on her pussy lips and while the clamps swing from her pussy lips, her tight ass is severely whipped again. The clamps are roughly pulled off her pussy lips and her ass is again treated to a merciless whipping. The clamps are put back on her sore nipples and she's made to sit up while her ass is whipped again.
Marcia whipped Marcia crying Marcia whipped
Marcia whipped Marcia crying Marcia whipped Marcia whipped

Lovely Angelica
Angelica groped Angelica clothespinned Angelica whipped
One of Angelica's co-workers has been drooling over her big luscious tits for quite a while... and when he finds out she's been embezzling from the company he decides to teach her a lesson and humiliate the bitch good. She's made to strip and those awesome tits get man-handled quite a bit. After he makes her crawl naked to the conference room, he puts tight clothespins on her big sensitive nipples. She can try and shake them off... or he can whip them off. See her tits jiggle wildly as she tries to shake them off. As if that weren't enough pain for those awesome tits, he decides to whip them for a while, while the tears roll down her cheeks. She gets thoroughly whipped on her ass as well, and then still crying, she is told to spread her legs and play with herself while he takes pictures.
Angelica whipped Angelica crying Angelica whipped

Rachael whipped
Sexy Rachael gets picked up in the middle of nowhere and given a ride... as long as she strips. The poor girls gets stripped, tied up, led around by a rope around her neck, and rudely and roughly man-handled. Then she gets tied to a table outside... and is repeatedly whipped on her pussy, and roughly penetrated with the whip handle.
Rachael abused Rachael tied Rachael whipped Rachael whipped
Rachael clothespinned Rachael slapped Rachael whipped Rachael

Lovely Raven
Raven Alexis
Raven groped Raven clamped Raven Alexis whipped
Beautiful Raven is caught trying to steal company secrets... and is made to pay dearly. Her amazing tits are man-handled, groped and pinched mercilessly. She is tied down with her legs spread on the floor and abused... and zapped with a cattle prod. She gets strung up to the ceiling and her tits are man-handled some more, she gets painfully nipple clamped, and she gets whipped on her tits and ass. She gets tied down spread-eagled on an old dirty mattress on the floor where she is groped and man-handled. Then she gets the magic wand held on her sweet pussy... while she struggles futily.
Raven whipped Raven slapped Raven whipped
Raven clothespinned Raven slapped Raven whipped Raven whipped

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