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Adriann Tied

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Danielle tied Danielle clothespinned Danielle whipped
Sexy Danielle is looking for a room to rent and ends up in a bad place. She is stripped and man-handled, then tied to a big radiator. Her beautiful natural tits are abused with nipple clamps, and then painful clothespins, which are whipped off. She's bent over a table and her tits are man-handled, then her ass is whipped. Then her tits are abused with multiple clothespins and they're whipped again. She's laid down on the table and clothespins are fastened on her tits and pussy lips... and she is whipped some more... on her tits and pussy.
Danielle whipped Danielle whipped Danielle whipped
Danielle whipped Danielle whipped Danielle clothespinned Danielle whipped

Amy tied Amy clothespinned Amy whipped
Beautiful Amy goes to a dingy place and is first told to play with herself in a dirty stairway. Then she's told to handcuff herself with her arms over her head. Her perky natural tis are whipped over and over... as is her nice ass. After that, she's made to crawl around on her hands and knees... and her ass is whipped with a riding crop. Then with her ass stuck up in the air, she's told to play with herself again. Then the poor girl is chained spread out on the floor, and she is whipped again. Then she is tormented with a vibrator while she writhes on the floor.
Amy whipped Amy whipped Amy whipped
Amy whipped Amy whipped Amy masturbating Amy masturbating

Jennifer tied Jennifer clothespinned Jennifer whipped
Cute and perky Jennifer gets treated like a little sex toy in this update. She is tied on a bed and her nipples are played with. She is gagged and her cute ass is spanked and whipped. She is tied stretched out on the bed and her pussy is played with... and clothespins and clamps are painfuly attached to her pussy lips. And her red ass is whipped again. The poor girl's torment continues as clamps and clothespins are fastened to her big nipples.
Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped Jennifer whipped
Jennifer clothespinned Jennifer whipped Jennifer pussy stick Jennifer masturbating

Adriann masturbating Adriann clothespinned Adriann whipped
Beautiful slender Adriann is subjected to some of the nastiest wildest things we've ever done to a girl. First she's bent over a desk and her panties are pulled down and she gets spanked. Then she's made to lay down on the floor totally nude and play with herself. She crawls out to the back room naked on her hands and knees and bends over a table where her tight ass is whipped with a riding crop, then a flogger. Then her pussy is whipped with the flogger. Clothespins and weights are clamped onto her pussy lips... and she is whipped some more. She is roughly rammed with a broom handle, then she is told to turn over and violently play with herself.
Adriann whipped Adriann whipped Adriann whipped
Adriann clothespinned Adriann whipped Adriann pussy stick Adriann masturbating

Katrina man-handled Katrina clothespinned Katrina whipped
Lovely slender Katrina is bent over a stool and spanked, then her beautiful natural tits are man-handled and whipped. She's tied stretched out on a bed and gagged... and beaten with a riding crop. Still gagged, she's hogtied on the bed and her tits are mauled and her nipples pinched... and she is again spanked and whipped. Then clothespins are clamped on her now very sensitive nipples. Kneeling up, still tied and gagged, clothespins are again clamped on her nipples... and weights are attached adding to her agony. Eventually she is bent over the stool again and her ass is repeatedly whipped.
Katrina hogtied Katrina clothespinned Katrina tied

Samantha man-handled Samantha clothespinned Samantha whipped
Samantha's beautiful natural tits get wildly abused in this update. She gets tied to a chair and her top is pulled down, then she is gagged and clothespins are clamped on her nipples. Her tits swing wildly as she tries to shake them off. More clothespins are clamped on.. and then whipped off while she squirms in pain. Her tits are whipped again, then a nipple clamp is fastened on her now very sensitive nipple.
Samantha tied Samantha whipped Samantha tied

Elise man-handled Elise tied Elise whipped
Elise is tightly hogtied on a table and groped and man-handled. Then she gets gagged and beaten with a riding crop. After her pussy gets played with, we take a vibrator to her. Then while she holds the vibrator to her pussy she is fingered... and then hit with the riding crop again.
Elise tied Elise tied Elise tied

Sara tied Sara tied Sara whipped
Beautiful Sara goes for an appointment to a dumpy place for help with her back problems. He talks her into taking her clothes off and doing some stretching exercises. Then he has her hogtied on a table... and soon gagged. He cuffs her and chains her to the ceiling with one leg tied up behind her, while she squirms futily... and proceeds to whip her. He again ties her to the ceiling and whips her again. He ties her sitting on a table and he clamps her nipples and again whips her lovely ass. And he adds to her pain and humilitation by hanging a cowbell off the nipple clamp chain.
Sara tied Sara tied Sara tied

Marcia tied Marcia tied Marcia whipped
Sexy slender Marcia has been a nagging bitch and needs to be taught a lesson. On the couch on her hands and knees her panties get pulled down for a spanking. Then it's down on the floor for her for a continued spanking. She gets tied to a chair and gagged while our hero enjoys some TV. Still gagged, she's made to crawl to the bedroom where she is tied over a table... and her lovely tight ass is whipped again and again. Then she's tied stretched out on the bed while she struggles... and her tits and pussy are whipped.
Marcia tied Marcia tied Marcia tied

Rachael tied Rachael tied Rachael whipped
Busty Rachel is taking a shower when the lights go out. When she goes to see what's wrong she runs into an intruder, who drags her to a bedroom and ties her up. He man-handles her and plays with her full firm tits while she squirms on the bed. She gets tied over a chair and he plays with her tits and ass, and then whips her. And man-handles her tits repeatedly while she struggles to get free. Eventually she is tied stretched out on the bed and again her tits are roughly abused, and whipped. He plays with her pussy, and then he brings out a vibrator to work on her sweet wet pussy, while she writhes on the bed.
Rachael tied Rachael tied Rachael tied

Sophia tied Sophia tied Sophia whipped
Lovely Sophia is told to go to an apartment and strip, then put cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and gag herself. She then has to lay on a table and fasten herself tightly. She is then chained up to the ceiling and her hair is tied back to the cuffs, rendering her totally immobile.
Sophia tied Sophia tied Sophia tied

Heidi tied
Heidi tied Heidi whipped Heidi clamped
Poor Heidi is walking down a desert road totally nude and she gets a ride, but the driver starts grabbing her as soon as she gets in the car. He makes her play with herself while he fondles her perky tits. They get out of the car and he makes her play with her pussy again. As the sky darkens, he plays a game of Simon Says with her, which ends with Heidi roughly fingering herself again. Next she has to get down on her hands and knees, and poor Heidi's ass is whipped. He ties Heidi to a tree with her arms stretched up over her head... and the sick bastard feels her up and fondles every part of her lovely slender body... and crudely fingers her sweet pussy. As the sky darkens and the lightning starts, Heidi gets led down the road nude with a rope around her neck and her hands tied behind her back. As it starts to get dark, he makes her squat in the middle of the desert road... with her hands still tied behind her... and he pours water on her. It starts to rain and the lightning gets worse... and then he throws dirt and mud on her to intensify her humiliation and suffering. She is freezing cold and wet and dirty... as the lightning strikes get closer and closer.
Heidi tied up Heidi gagged Heidi whipped

Cathy tied
Cathy tied Cathy whipped Cathy clamped
Sexy Cathy gets dumped by her boyfriend in a bad neighborhood at night and she heads to the only place that's open. She's stripped and humiliated and whenever she wants wanter it's poured on her face. she's made to crawl on her hands and knees to the back room where she gets whipped on her lovely natural tits. She's made to get on her hands and knees and then her ass is whipped. She's made to sit up with her hands behind her head and her beautiful tits are man-handled and then painfully clothespinned. Next the poor girl is hogtied on the dirty floor and tormented, then her ass is whipped. She's gagged and nipple clamps are clamped on her now sensitive nipples. Her ass and tits are whipped while she squirms on the floor. With her hands still tied behind her back her sweet tits are whipped again and again bringing tears to her eyes.
Cathy tied up Cathy gagged Cathy whipped

AmyLee tied
AmyLee tied AmyLee whipped AmyLee clamped
Busty AmyLee is caught playing with herself and needs to be taught a lesson. On her hands and knees on her bed, her ass is spanked, her tits are played with, then her ass gets a whipping. She is hogtied on the bed, then gagged... while she struggles futily. She is tied on a couch and her tits are whipped and her sensitive nipples are clothespinned. She is made to sit up on the couch while her huge natural tits are whipped again. She gets tied spread out on the bed frame totally exposing her awesome nude body. Nipple clamps are fastened to her nipples and evntually painfully pulled off. The abuse of her amazing tits continues with the clothespins again while she grimaces in pain.
AmyLee tied up AmyLee gagged AmyLee whipped

Justine tied
Justine tied Justine whipped Justine clamped
Justine goes to a motel room and is subjected to extreme humiliation and abuse. She is tied and her perky tits are painfully abused again and again with clothespins, nipple clamps, and coat hangers. She is left naked on the patio where any passerby can see her. Then totally nude, gagged, and blindfolded she is brought out into the motel hallway... not knowing if there is anybody else out there to witness her humiliation and degredation. Then she is tied bent over a table showing off her long slender legs... and her lovely ass is man-handled, spanked and whipped. And again nipple clamps are fastened to her now very sensitive nipples.
Justine tied up Justine gagged Justine whipped

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