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Heidi in bondage Perils of Heidi Heidi in bondage

Perils of Heidi #1 - Poor Heidi

Lovely blonde Heidi is caught sunbathing nude and masturbating outside by her step-father. Her sick step-father makes her bend over, still totally nude... and gives her a sound spanking. He fondles her ass and then sticks his finger in the poor girls sweet young pussy. He then bends her over a railing where the neighbors can see her and feels her up, and repeatedly fingers her sweet young pussy. He sits her down on the lounge chair and plays with her little perky tits again and again. He then pushes poor Heid on her back and starts playing with her pussy again... totally violating her and humiliating her.

Poor Heidi runs inside thinking she'll be safe, but her follows inside and thrusts himself on her in her bedroom, pinning her down on her bed and man-handling her some more. She runs away... running out of the house half dressed wearing nothing but her shirt... expecting to go to her boyfriends house. But he's cheating on her with another girl. Instead, now desperate, she ends up in a neighbors apartment where she is promised a modeling job if she pleasures the lucky bastard.

60 minutes - $25

Screen shots from Perils of Heidi #1 - Poor Heidi